About Us

The team here at Oldskool Officials are as passionate about oldskool hardcore and jungle as any diehard fan or raver. We have a wealth of experience within the scene, reaching back to the start of the 90s and heaps of experience of merchandising within it, having worked with labels such as Metalheadz, Ram, V Recordings, Digital Soundboy and also clothing label THTC.

Our mission is to bring you officially endorsed clothing ranges from the oldskool jungle and hardcore genres, all under one roof, saving the customer both the time and effort and the extra p&p it would cost for them to buy multiple items from several different stores. We work closely with the labels and brands to bring you a premium product you can trust. High quality merchandise with a generous percentage of the profits going back to the labels and artists, no milking and no snide gear here only pukka threads!

We are always keen to add more labels and brands to the store, so if you represent a label that we do not stock and would like to partner with us, please get in contact and let us know. We offer extremely good terms, we cover all costs and give you back a good percentage, so there's no reason not to join our ever growing range and be visible here amongst all the other hardcore and jungle labels we already stock. Unity is strength!